Handcrafted luxury

Here at Beretti we truly believe that real quality knows no brand, but for sure a creator. Knowledge and craftsmanship are at the foundation of all our products. In our studios in Modena, Italy we design bags and accessories from premium python-leather, ostrich-leather and crocodile-leather. Legally breeded and carefully selected because of their unique textures and extra-ordinary qualities. Materials with an ‘attitude’, crafted for the stylish and quirky epicurean who likes to distinguish her or himself from the masses.

Honest prices

Here at Beretti you may find stylish leather goods from the same quality as the bigger brands, without paying their prices. Thanks to our good relationships with the studios in Modena we can offer these goods straight from the makers. By cutting out the middle man we can offer you better prices.

From our studio to you

Due to our many years of experience we have been able to build close relationships in Modena. Because of this reason we have been able to offer our products straight out of our studio. Wich means that we can offer the highest quality of leather goods without a middle man. And we’re very proud of this. This means we can offer stylish leather goods from the same quality as the bigger brands for less. Here at Beretti we truly put the wishes of our customers and fans first. So they can distinguish their-selfs with unique bags, belts and accessories. And Simultaneously enabling us to do what we love most: creating fashion items of high quality for the stylish cosmopolitan who likes to explore the world in style and isn’t afraid to show what he or she stands for.

Premium leather that’s handcrafted

The leather goods from Beretti are designed in our own studio’s in Modena. Due to the love for the materials and the specialist care for the leather, the craftsmanship of the leathercrafters from Modena has yet to be matched. All the leather goods are hand painted and with the utmost care transformed into stylish bags, belts and accessories. We understand that our clients love to go in style wherever they go and understand their needs for the best quality to do so.