How to measure your belt size

You can meausure your belt size in two ways:

1. By measuring an other belt you already own (best method)
2. By measuring your waist


Method 1: by measuring an other belt you already own

This is the best method to measure the size of the belt you require.

Choose a belt you own that fits you nicely. Lay this belt on a flat surface. Now measure the distance between the hole you use and the end of the belt. The end of the belt is where the buckle is attached to the leather. This distance is your belt size.

Round the distance you measure to the closest size. Our belts come in these sizes:

Thus, for example:

– If you measure a distance of 41.675”, your belt size is 41”
– If you measure a distance of 42.125”, your belt size is 43”


Method 2: by measuring your waist

Measure the circumference of your waist at the place where you would wear the belt. A good way to do this is to first put on pants that fit you nicely. Now measure your belt size by passing the tape measure through the belt loops. The amount of inches you measure is the belt size you require.

Once again, round the number to the closest belt size.


Last note

All our belts have 5 holes so you will always have quite some flexibility to adjust the belt. Thus, while measuring your belt accurately is cleary important, you’ll have some leeway.