How To Shorten Your Belt

When ordering your leather belt, you can pick your size. So there’s no need to shorten your belt when you just bought it. Of course, every belt has the standard 5 holes, so you should have enough flexibility to adjust the belt a bit if necessary. These 5 holes are more than enough for normal fluctuations in weight/waist size.

If you have lost a lot of weight or you want to give the belt to your much smaller son, you might want to shorten your belt though. This is really easy and can be done as follows:


1. Unscrew the screw of the belt buckle, using a screwdriver or a coin.

2. The required size of the belt is the length measuring from the third hole to the end of the belt (now without the buckle).

3. Draw a line there where you are going to cut it.

3. When you have determined the correct length, you can cut off this part of the belt. Use a sharp knife or good scissors. When not sure about the exact length, try cutting off a small piece first.

4. Now, a new hole should be made where the buckle is again attached to the – now shorter – leather belt. To determine where exactly you should make a hole, please use the part you just cut off.
5. Lay this part on the edge of the leather belt and use a pencil to mark the place where the new hole needs to be.

6. Use a professional hole puncher to make the new hole. Alternatively, you could use a hammer and a nail.

7. Screw the buckle on the belt again using a screwdriver or a coin.

And there’s your shortened belt!